The Board of Managers held their Board meeting Tuesday, August 29, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. at the Garrison Sewer District Office. Board present: Mike Timm, Loren Larson, Duane Jedlicki, Ray Lasher and vacant.

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Timm opened the Board meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 1:30 p.m. Others present: Henry Brucker (Attorney), Robin Cowell (Financial Admin.), Linda Ryan (Admin Asst), Dan Koop (People Service), and Mary Reedy, CLA.

2. AGENDA: Motion to approve the agenda. M/S/C Loren Larson / Duane Jedlicki.

3. A. PROPOSED 2018 OPERATING BUDGET – Chairman Timm went line by line comparing each 2018 budget category to the 2017 budget dollars. Special assessments continue to be paid off ahead of their 15 year due date.
Motion to approve the proposed 2018 operating budget as FINAL. M/S/C Ray Lasher / Loren Larson
Copies to be mailed to the counties.

Motion to approve Ordinance 2017-01. M/S/C Loren Larson / Ray Lasher
AYE’s – Chairman Timm, Loren Larson, Duane Jedlicki and Ray Lasher – documented.

(c) CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL OF THE SPECIAL LAW BY GOVERNING BODY – Chairman Timm signed this form and Resolution 9 – 2017 is attached.

No public comments or questions on any item.
No Board comments or questions.

Chairman Timm closed the PUBLIC HEARING.

Motion to close the Public Hearing meeting. M/S/C Loren Larson / Ray Lasher


4. APPROVE MINUTES – Motion to approve the work session minutes of August 16, 2017 as presented. M/S/C Loren Larson / Duane Jedlicki.

5. TENTATIVE SEPTEMBER MEETINGS: Work Session to be on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 9:00 a.m. and the Board meeting on Thursday, September 28, 2017. These dates are good for the Board.

6. PEOPLE SERVICE – DAN KOOP LS #4 has both pumps (one is a loaner) working; the rails were repaired. Waiting on a diagnosis on the KSB pump to see if it is salvageable. The Board previously approved purchase of a new pump not to exceed $9000.
HydroKlean has scheduled September 8, 2017 for the rehab work on Lift Station #18.
Chlorides: Dan shared that we should be looking at the unit of measurements labeled mg/L number and not the lb/d number. MLWW takes samples weekly at LS#1 and then averages them for the month. Dan sends our flow reports to David Sam. Dan does sampling at LS #1 plus others throughout the District. Unless Dan and MLWW take the readings at the same time, our numbers will be different.
Dan shared his LS#1 chloride readings from June 2017 back to October 2016. During this timeframe, lift stations 1 and 3 were the worse in chlorides and lift station 10 was pretty bad. Can we determine which areas are the worst offenders and what is causing high chlorides? There are products that include chlorides.
Chairman Timm mentioned the weeds were pretty high around lift station #5.

7. AUDIT RESULTS – MARY REEDY – Mary mentioned yearly audits will take place during the month of June. Mary went through each page of the power point presentation. She mentioned that the sales tax revenue will be unrestricted; it can go into the money market account and it can also be used to satisfy debt.
Going forward, the projection from this year will be changing due to the $6.5 million loan refinancing – the loan is extended out 10 years and the yearly payment dropped significantly.

8. PFA LOAN RESTRUCTURING – RESOLUTION 10-2017 and other documents – These documents need signatures to complete the process for PFA. 1) RESOLUTION 10-2017 APPROVING AND AUTHORIZING A NOTE MODIFICATION FOR THE GENERAL OBLIGATION REVENUE NOTE, SERIES 2007; 2) EXTRACT OF MINUTES (show of attendance and voting information); 3) ALLONGE TO NOTE; and 4) IRS FORM 8038-G. Motion to approve RESOLUTION 10-2017 M/S/C Ray Lasher / Duane Jedlicki. All documents signed by Chairman Timm and Attest: by Loren Larson, Secretary.

9. LEGAL – HENRY BRUCKER – He has done all of the preparation of 1% Sales Use and Tax documents plus the requirements from PFA refinancing. Henry will send in a Certificate of Approval to the Secretary of State and will send a letter to Minnesota Revenue with copies of items showing documentation of the 1% Sales Use and Tax. When these documents are sent off, the ball is in the Dept. of Revenue’s court to implement.

10. THORNE AGREEMENT AND RESOLUTION 11-2017 – Bryan and Jackie Thorne signed the agreement where Lift Station #7 is located on said easement/permit; they will use the driveway to access their property that crosses an easement/permit the Sanitary District obtained from MnDot. Chairman Timm and secretary, Loren Larson signed this agreement. Motion to approve Resolution 11-2017 RESOLUTION ADOPTING ASSESSMENT.
M/S/C Ray Lasher / Duane Jedlicki.

11. WSN ENGINEERING – TIM HOULE – The polypatch job around the manholes was approved earlier by the Board. The individual quotes for each of the 3 manholes that were not candidates for polypatch is still a valid bid and can be taken from the initial quotes Anderson Brothers sent. AB did the polypatch for Kathio Township.
Education is key for informing the public regarding what can be done to control chloride saturation.
The process of determining of where the bulk of chlorides are coming from can be an intensive task.
The MnDot truck station – mechanical engineer says there is little that can be done within the state plumbing code to say disconnect your trench drains. This is a common problem at all truck washing stations.
Discussion on the age of pumps and which brand is of more quality and what is the best and compatible to our system.

12. ROBIN COWELL: A: CONSTRUCTION FUND REPORT: Motion to approve the AUGUST 2017 construction revenues of $.62 interest in checking and revenues of $8,118.79 in savings of which $110.64 is interest and disbursements of $177,203.19; new payment amount for the 6.5 million refinanced loan. M/S/C Duane Jedlicki / Ray Lasher. Two special assessments were paid off; one is for a new connection.
B: OPERATING FUND REPORT: Robin asked the Board to approve the revenues and disbursements for this month. Motion to accept and approve the AUGUST 2017 operating fund balance in revenues of $52,579.48 and disbursements of $83,359.14. M/S/C Loren Larson / Duane Jedlicki. A couple of extra expenses this month included a payment to CLA for the audit. Also, the $500,000 loan payment was due this month. SPC total = $81,114.54.

C: ACCOUNTING – nothing

13. Districts MLWW Representative – Loren Larson the next scheduled meeting is October 20, 2017.
14. WATERSHED DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE: Ray Lasher – nothing to share.
16. COMMITTEE REPORTS: Everything has been covered.
17. OTHER BUSINESS: Linda talked with Steven Walter and he asked about doing a payment plan for the back pay he owes. He would like to pay $500 a month. The Board has no issues with his request. Robin will create a form and send it to him.
Discussion about Walberg’s RV park = Robin to check on his license to see how many lots are included.
Gary Walters still needs to come in for a permit, pay and contractor needs to be approved by the District.
Linda did not find any permits pulled for property on Highway 169; will continue doing research.

18. ADJOURN: M/Lasher S/Larson to adjourn the meeting. Motion is unanimous. (2:40 p.m.)



______________________________ ______________________

The Board of Managers work session meeting at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at the Garrison Sewer District Office. Board present: Mike Timm, Loren Larson, Ray Lasher and Duane Jedlicki. Absent: vacancy

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Mike Timm opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 9:10 a.m. Others present: Henry Brucker (attorney), Linda Ryan (Admin Asst.), Robin Cowell (Financial Administrator),
Dan Koop (PeopleService) and others as signed in (none).

2. AGENDA: Motion to approve the agenda after moving ‘Item 8 Resolution 10-2017’ and table it to August 29 board meeting. M/S/C Larson/Jedlicki.

3. APPROVE MINUTES: Motion to approve the July 27, 2017 board minutes as presented. M/S /C Larson/ Lasher.

4. PEOPLESERVICE: Dan Koop – Wayne was called out on LS#4 pump #2—it was rattling and vibrating and broke one of the top brackets. The bottom of the railing is loose and leaning against the wall. Waiting on Goetsch to come out and need to get a loaner pump. Dan and Wayne will check to see if the elbow at the base is broken before other action is taken. If the elbow is broken, the repair can go in another direction. This is one of the pumps that were rebuilt in 2015. Motion to order and replace the pump, not to exceed $9000. M/S/C Larson / Jedlicki. Dan will get a cost for a new pump and contact Chairman Timm.
HydroKlean has not begun working on LS #18.
Dan received a request from Walberg’s; they wanted a copy of the map of Linden Street with stub locations. They need to come in and pull their permit for connecting the back section; the contractor has not been approved yet.
Chloride discussion— the different readings performed by MLWW versus PeopleService. A suggestion was made by manager Larson to talk with David Sam. Linda will add a third column to the graph.
How and where are the readings taken by each entity? MLWW is testing at the District’s LS #1. Our readings are taken throughout the entire system. We need to determine how the 204 reading is compiled.
Purpose of this report is to figure out where the majority of the chlorides are coming from. We probably need to be testing at same location as MLWW. History: Dan can bring all of it together and the staff could work on documenting the details of all of the readings during the past year; which locations are high and are there certain months of the year that readings are higher, etc. Look at the data to see if a pattern develops at each location- by time of day, day of the week, is there any consistency, etc.

5. ANDERSON BROS – MANHOLE REPAIRS – Chairman Timm called Jerry and left a voice mail for him regarding emailing the cost information to Robin. Chairman Timm and Anderson Bros, Jerry, drove the area and looked at the various manholes. Chairman Timm was quoted $200 per manhole plus mobilization; AB would like to do time and materials versus bidding. The 2 manholes on Swing Away cannot be done plus the one on Monroe and Broadway with the polypatch; Chairman Timm is working on getting a price for these 3. There are no guarantees how the frost will affect manholes this winter. Motion to accept the bid of time and material from Anderson Brothers to repair necessary manholes. M/S/C Jedlicki/Larson

6. HENRY BRUCKER – Provided a copy of the draft Ordinance and Resolution, approving the general results of the election, to the Board. He wants to pass it by Dale Lueck. Robin has forwarded copies to Penny for review. Henry found the Laws of Minnesota 2017 in the Mn League of Cities. The following items will be approved at the board meeting: Ordinance 2017-01, Resolution 9-2017, and the Certificate of approval. Dale recommends spending the $20 to E-file these items.
The first reading of Ordinance 2017-01 was done today. The second reading will take place on August 29th. Henry will provide the originals at the August 29th board meeting. Once the Dept. of Revenue receives our documents then they take over and complete the process for implementation.
Publish another notice in the newspapers adding the 1% Sales and Use Tax will be covered on August 29th.

7. LIFT STATION #7 AGREEMENT – Chairman Timm has not been able to meet with the Thorne’s to get the agreement signed. Therefore, it will be mailed out to them.

8. PFA LOAN REFINANCING STATUS – Robin was given the go ahead to make the payment in the amount of $177,203.19. The payment without the refinancing would have been $354,634.80; savings of $177,431.61.
Robin is still waiting on the Resolution from Dept. of Revenue.

9. VACANT LOTS – SAC VS. SPC BILLING: Discussion by Chairman Timm to make sure we are all on the same page. The Sewer Proximity Charge (SPC) 100 foot rule applies if the owner is connected and paying the monthly sewer bill. Need further clarification with examples.
Therefore, if they paid the SAC (connection fee) of $6000 or current rate, then the District will decrease their SPC front footage by 100 feet. Criteria: “Living there” – must be livable quarters. If they are living there, they need to be paying the monthly sewer bill.
The task is to see who paid the $6000 and paying the SPC on a vacant parcel and determine if 100 feet was deducted. The next mailing goes out in January 2018.
Ordinance 13 needs to be updated to clarify this procedure along with what was decided regarding guest houses.

Board request: research Darryl Schmitz property on Highway 169; see what he is doing with what looks like additional living quarters. Talk to county and GIS documents.

10. LAST CAST ON MILLE LACS: Sandy Smith/SPC billing: He sent a letter to Robin informing us he has sold all 5 lots; lot 2 has been connected by Dirt Doctor (missing paperwork), lot 5 just sold and he has buyers for the remaining lots. There is a camper on lot 3. The other 2 lots he mentioned consist of property south along Marina Way (09-521-0060) and the center portion of the lot (09-521-0080) north of Marina Way. Initially, the SPC charge included the measurements along Badger Dr. and along Marina Way. The lot south of Marina Way was exempted based upon being unbuildable but if it is developed the SPC is retroactive to January 2014.

11. STEVEN WALTER: Steven Walter called and discussed the recent letter with Linda Ryan. We established that Hoffman did his connection but we have no paperwork. He is paying the special assessment on taxes along with the levy. Therefore, the District still needs to charge Steven the 6 years retroactive payments. Linda will send him another letter.

12. OTHER BUSINESS: Notary renewal was Ok’d by the Board. Linda will order the Basic Package for $55 plus $5 S&H. Linda also has to make a trip to the county.
The by-laws were ok’d and no changes necessary.

Adjournment – Motion to adjourn the meeting. M/S /C Lasher/Larson (10:35 a.m.)

NOTE: NEW DATE The Board meeting is on TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2017 AT 1:30 p.m.

Board approved meeting minutes on:

Mike Timm, Chairman Linda Ryan, Admin Assistant

The Board of Managers held their Board meeting THURSDAY JULY 27, 2017 at 1:30p.m. at the Garrison Sewer District Office. Board present: Chairman Mike Timm, Duane Jedlicki, Ray Lasher and Loren Larson (1:25).

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Timm opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 1:30 p.m. Others present: Tim Houle (Engineer), Henry Brucker (Attorney), Robin Cowell (Financial Admin.), Linda Ryan (Admin Asst) and Dan Koop (People Service).

2. AGENDA: Motion to approve the agenda. M/S/C Ray Lasher / Duane Jedlicki.

3. APPROVE MINUTES: Motion to approve the JULY 12, 2017 work session minutes as presented. M/S/C Ray Lasher / Duane Jedlicki.

4. TENTATIVE BOARD SCHEDULE – AUGUST 2017 Work session on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16th at 9:00 a.m. and monthly board meeting THURSDAY AUGUST 31st at 1:30 p.m. Mike Timm will be absent on the 31st. After discussion, it was agreed the Board meeting should change the meeting to Tuesday August 29th at 1:30p.m. to make sure there is a quorum.

5. SARAH KING – Not in attendance.

6. PEOPLESERVICE – Dan Koop: LS#18 repair. HydroKlean came back with an additional $1265 for the ‘bolting’ the barrels; add this to original bid of $3093 and the new total is $4358.
Motion to approve HydroKlean to repair LS #18 using their repair method fixing it from the inside and concrete to the outside, using ‘injection grouting’ and the bolting process. M/S/C Ray Lasher / Duane Jedlicki. Dan K will call HydroKlean to schedule the repair work.
There has been nothing new regarding the pipe break in front of Walberg’s.
LS # 10 is being watched for grease buildup. Dan to alert the board when grease starts to become a problem.
Chloride readings: District = 204 and Treatment Plant = 345 from PS report.
Loren asked to have the chloride levels mapped using the numbers included in the meeting minutes he received on January 21, 2017 and compare them to the numbers from PS reports. Linda will prepare an EXCEL chart for the next meeting.

7. LEGAL – Henry Brucker – Discussed the agreement Henry provided for the owners who are using the driveway where LS #7 is located off of Highway 169. Chairman Timm will stop at the site over the weekend. They need to sign the agreement and probably have their insurance company look it over. Henry will edit it to add page 1/2 of 2 to the document. Further discussion about how many EDU’s will be involved; what is the overall plan. Each EDU is $8000 per connection.
added: MnDot: received a letter today; a response to the last letter we sent. MnDot sent along diagrams of the building layout and how the pipes are connected to the sewer. Tim H. will check with their WSN mechanical engineer and have a discussion regarding the plumbing code vs. the sewer district requirements. Washing of the trucks still an issue; use more water to dilute? NEXT Meeting.

8. WSN ENGINEERING – Tim Houle – Tim’s email was discussed regarding the lack of stubs along Beaver Bend. Back 15 years or so when the pipe and stubs were being laid out (and about 11 years ago when it was being constructed), and with both lots under common ownership, it did not appear there was a need for a service stub to each individual lot. Engel’s current contractor, Tony Gobol, is not on the approved contractor list; he will have to give Robin the necessary information to be approved before any work begins.
Tim also sent out an email explaining the use of Poly Patch around manholes. Tim researched to see what other towns were doing and the popular approach was using poly patch. He noticed poly patch had been used around some manholes on EBD – did Kathio Township do the work?
Poly Patch is a bituminous type material with various polymers added. Anderson Bros (AB) crews use Poly Patch a great deal of the time. AB did say this is not a fix for the manhole at Broadway and Monroe. The cost for doing one MH here and one down the road adds to the cost of the job. AB would like to work on a time and material basis. The Board was ok with this for this project. Chairman Timm will be contacted by AB and a field trip with Anderson Bros will take place to select MHs in need of repair.
Tim H sent a letter on behalf of the sanitary district to Steven LaFontaine regarding maintenance issues of our sanitary system. PFA wanted some dollar numbers and Robin sent them to Tim to include them in the letter to Steven LaFontaine. We have hit a cycle where the aging plant needs more repairs.

9. 1% SALES TAX PROCEDURE – Robin has not heard from Penny, Department of Revenue. Robin will contact her to see what the District requirements are for implementing the 1% sales tax. Deadline for information is the end of September.

10. PROPERTY ITEMS: tabled from June 14th work session: Norman Drews 4 vacant properties. A field trip was made by board members and it was obvious that construction would be difficult with setback requirements due to wetland area. The Board decided to reduce the SPC fee by 50%. A letter and new invoice will be sent to Mr. Drews.
Steven Walter’s property 09-962-0690 located between Skyline Dr. and Earle Brown Dr. was sent a letter regarding connection to the sewer from stub located on Earle Brown Drive; we also stated he will begin paying the monthly $58.25. He is paying for the SAC charge on his taxes. Linda talked with the county regarding the mailing address MLEC is using for electric; a field trip was made and the front of the house overlooks Earle Brown Drive and the driveway (back) comes in off of Skyline Dr. The recommendation of the Board is to send a letter and charge him for the last 6 years of non-payment. Also, inform Lori to start billing him effective August 1, 2017.
Regarding Sandy Smith’s properties off of Badger Drive along Lake Mille Lacs. There are 5 lots and lot 2 was sold; 100 feet of the total SPC billed to Sandy S was transferred to the new owner. A new request came in for lot 5 so this would also transfer 100 feet from Sandy S to the new owner until request for connection occurs. Also, discussion regarding no stubs along this area. It was conveyed to the developer/owner they have the responsibility to pay for installation of the stub. The owner of lot 2 paid for the installation of his stub.

11. A. CONSTRUCTION FUND REPORT: Motion to approve the JULY 2017 construction revenues of $.60 interest in checking and revenues of $148,529.26 in savings of which $92.65 is interest; CWC (97,265.46 & MLC ($51,171.15) tax settlements make up the rest ; ZERO disbursements M/S/C Duane Jedlicki / Ray Lasher.
The counties tax settlements came through this month.

B. OPERATING FUND REPORT: Robin presented the Board with the most recent financial statements ending JULY 27, 2017. Motion made to accept and approve JULY 2017 operating fund balance in revenues of $293.409.82 and disbursements of $74,534.59. M/S/C Loren Larson / Ray Lasher.
The tax settlements from CWC and ML were received: CWC = $226,627.97 with $129,362.51 going into Operating account. ML = $141,666.38 with $90,495.23 going into Operating account. A couple of extra expenses this month == first Audit payment was paid and the need for parts and supplies for lift stations
and system. SPC collected to date: $72,727.57. The Money Market balance is $1,360,325.50.

C. ACCOUNTING – Mary Reedy, Auditor will present the final findings at our August Board Meeting.
We can expect to receive a final bill from CliftonLarsonAllen.

12. District’s ML Wastewater Representative – Loren Larson. Chlorides were discussed at the July 21, 2017 meeting. In the meeting minutes was a listing of the chloride levels for both MLWW and the District. Loren would like to have them tabulated in Excel. Provide a copy to Dan K. BRING TO NEXT MEETING.
MLWW are getting quotes on software which needs to be updated costing roughly around $200,000. Not sure if we will be billed at 25%? Money sitting in escrow will be used.

13. Watershed District Representative – Ray Lasher. Nothing to report.

14. Written Questions: None

15. Committee Reports – None

16. Other Business: Dennis Harper called asking if he can hook up his own sewer- our answer is no. He felt it was unfair that he could not do it; why does he have to hire a contractor? He is adding a pole barn with living quarters.

SUMMARIZING: TIM: Help Robin find Penny at Dept. of Revenue, contact Anderson Bros to tell them they need to get ahold of Timm for the MH poly patch project, will send the information requested on maintenance to Steven LaFontaine to further along the PFA loan restructuring, and will talk to the mechanical engineer to ask about the plumbing code and if there is some way to disconnect truck washes.

HENRY: He will update the agreement that will need to go to the owners using the LS 7 driveway to get to their property. Robin will let Timm know when he can pick up the copy.

ROBIN: Contact Mary Reedy to see if the new date for the Board meeting works for her, contact Penny and contact Timm with updated agreement for LS 7 driveway.

LINDA: Write letter to Steven Walter with 6 years’ worth of charges and have MLEC start billing effective August 1, 2017, write letter to Norm Drews regarding the change in SPC charges for second half 2017 and do the chloride comparisons on Excel.

17. ADJOURN: Motion made to adjourn the meeting (3:10 p.m.). M/S/C Loren Larson / Duane Jedlicki.


Board approved meeting minutes on:

_______________________ _________________________ Mike Timm, Chairman Linda Ryan, Admin Assistant

The Board of Managers held the work session meeting at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at the Garrison Sewer District Office. Board present: Mike Timm, Loren Larson, Ray Lasher and Duane Jedlicki. Absent: vacancy

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Mike Timm opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 9:00 a.m. Others present: Henry Brucker (attorney), Linda Ryan (Admin Asst.), Robin Cowell (Financial Administrator), Carol Ross (PeopleService), Dan Koop (PeopleService) and others as signed in.

2. AGENDA: Motion to approve the agenda after adding ‘missing stubs on Beaver Bend’ and ‘the pipe repair in front of Walberg’s’. M/S/C Larson/ Lasher.

3. APPROVE MINUTES: Motion to approve the June 29, 2017 board minutes as presented. M/S /C Larson/ Lasher.

4. Sarah King – was not able to attend today’s meeting. Add to the 29th Board meeting agenda.

5. PEOPLESERVICE – Carol Ross & Dan Koop – Dan Koop was introduced to everyone. Dan was born and raised in Crosby, spent 4 years in the Navy and attended school for wastewater.
Carol received a quote from HydroKlean for the repair of Lift Station #18. Their bid came in at $3093; a substantial amount lower than Benson’s quote of $18,500. Discussion ensued regarding the process. Carol was asked get another quote from HydroKlean including the process of ‘bolting’ to the barrels. Carol is to invite HydroKlean to the next meeting and if they cannot make it, set up a time for them to meet with Chairman Timm. TABLE to next mtg.
ADDED TO AGENDA: PIPE BREAK Discussion regarding the pipe break on Highway 169 in front of Walberg’s. It is about 3 feet deep. The T was made for Walberg’s connection. The break happened at the bottom of the T. According to Loren, the stub was installed and glued properly. Walberg’s did not advise the District when the break occurred; Carol was alerted by a locate request. Need to look at the permit to see who did the initial installation. Carol said it was Liljenquist Excavators that did the repair. They did insulate the pipe which should help; rigid yellow board. This contractor is not on our list and Carol told them to provide the necessary insurance paper and Carol figured it took them about 2 – 21/2 hours to repair. We have yet to receive the bill. There was discussion regarding the possibility of sharing the cost with Walberg’s.
Chairman Timm recommended the insurance information on the approved contractors need to be reviewed on a regular basis; make sure their insurance has not expired. Robin does go through the insurance information periodically. The District should not let any work be done without having the proper insurance requirements on file. Carol will be back to do the meter reads with Dan

6. 2ND READING OF THE 2018 PRELIMINARY BUDGET READING – Chairman Timm went through the preliminary budget line by line. Motion to approve the 2018 Preliminary Budget. M/S/C Larson/ Lasher. The Final Reading will take place at the Board meeting on Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 1:30. Notices will be printed in the Brainerd Dispatch and the Messenger. There are some unknowns at this time that may have an impact on the 2018 budget. The 1% Sales tax should be implemented January 2018; to date; Robin has not been contacted by anyone from the Dept. of Revenue. Add the 1% Sales Tax to the 7/27/17 board minutes.

7. Henry Brucker – He read through the meeting minutes and agrees with Tim Houle that the District should have an agreement with the owner that is sharing our driveway off of Highway 169 next to Lift Station #7. Basically, it would include proof they have liability insurance and, note; we will receive a 10 day notice if the policy cancels or lapses. This would be over and above our insurance. ACTION: Henry will draft a simple agreement and have it sent to the owner.
Henry let the Board know the current letter was mailed to MnDot last week.

8. RESOLUTION 7-2017 – FOR CLEARING THE BOOKS OF GKWMLL SANITARY DISTRICT FOR BIRCHWOOD. Motion to approve RESOLUTION 7-2017. M/S/C Larson/Lasher. Chairman Timm asked each manager their vote and it was recorded.

Motion to approve RESOLUTION 7-2017. M/S/C Larson/Lasher. Chairman Timm asked each manager their vote and it was recorded.
Mary Reedy, Auditor, has received a copy of these two resolutions via email.

10. PROPERTY QUESTIONS: NORMAN DREWS – 4 UNBUILDABLE LOT – 6710400110090009 – 671040110120009. Took a look at the GIS; he is paying the monthly on his house connection and he is paying SPC on the 4 vacant lots he feels should be considered unbuildable. ACTION: Chairman Timm and Loren will go out and look at the properties on Linden Street. ADD TO THE 7/27/17 BOARD MEETING.

ADDED TO AGENDA: MISSING STUBS ON BEAVER BEND. Looked at GIS; there are two stubs serving lots across the street and on either side of the vacant lot located at 18356 Beaver Bend. ACTION: Chairman Timm and Larson will go look at this property and area. Is it possible to go under the road, using a stub across the street and back to his property? ADD TO 7/27/17 BOARD MEETING.

Robin provided the Board members a preliminary draft copy from the auditors. No date has been set for final presentation.

12. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn the meeting. M/S /C Larson/Lasher (10:04 a.m.)

The Board meeting is on Thursday, JULY 27, 2017 AT 1:30 p.m.

Board approved meeting minutes on:

Mike Timm, Chairman Linda Ryan, Admin Assistant