The Board of Managers work session meeting convened at 9:00 a.m. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2019 at the Garrison Sewer District Office. Board present: Mike Timm, Loren Larson, Duane Jedlicki, Ray Lasher and Dick Huff.

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Mike Timm opened the meeting reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at 9:00 a.m. Others present: Henry Brucker (Legal Counsel), Robin Cowell (Financial Administrator) and Linda Ryan (Admin Asst.)

2. AGENDA: Motion to approve the agenda M/S/C Larson/Huff.

3. APPROVE MINUTES: Motion to approve the May 30, 2019 board minutes as presented. M/S /C
• Action List
 2 manholes leaking on Linden Street. Bid from DeChantel ($19,178) and from R & H Painting ($11000+). The Board chose R & H Painting to use their product on the manholes. MOVE FORWARD WITH THIS! Mike signed the contract.

 Mn Pump Works came in and talked with Robin about coming to next board meeting to share their business and products and what they can offer the sewer district. Add to agenda.

 Fill needed around LS 21 – SCHEDULED for week of June 17.

 Feedback from June 4th meeting about available dollars to sewer district. Attended the meeting but CTimm said there was nothing for us. It does not sound like there is any money for us in maintenance. Possibly in new construction.

 Inventory in Progress – Brenda has the inventory complete through 2016. She needs Robin to send her invoices from 2017 to the present.

 Discussion about the manhole on Monroe and Broadway being repaired. Setting a precedent? The discussion centers on who really has the responsibility of fixing the manholes: the sewer district, townships or the City? The road/soil shifts around the manholes. This will be discussed again at the Next Meeting. Once the decision is made on what we are going to do on Swing Away then we can send a letter to Kathio Township. Are there other sewer districts out “there” with the same setup as ours; separate from the city?

 The Board agreed there will be no bids for the manhole on Earle Brown Drive; the pavement is shot for about 150 feet as you turn off of 169.

 The Board Ok’d Kirk to schedule G&L excavating to work on Beaver Bend.

4. TIM STOKKE – FIBER SPECIALIST – Not Present: Called him and he was working on Hinckley fiber
Loren shared information from the City of Garrison meeting that fiber is planned to be available to all of Garrison by this fall. Currently, the 2 banks, 2 medical clinics, McDonalds and the Hotel are connected to fiber.

5. PEOPLESERVICE: Kirk Lenzen — out troubleshooting problems at lift stations.

6. LEGAL – Henry Brucker – Kowalski letter


8. OTHER * Linda shared two emails from Tim Houle; one talking about GIS software and two,
Additional bids for the Lift Station 4 pending project. He will have more information by the Board meeting or earlier.

*Linda asked for day off on Thursday June 27.

The meeting is being rescheduled to WEDNESDAY JUNE 26, 2019.
* Linda will let Tim Houle know and post it and Robin will contact Mn Pumps Work.

9. ADJOURNMENT – Motion made by Lasher with a second from Jedlicki to adjourn the meeting at
09:40 a.m. Motion Is Unanimous.



/s/ Mike Timm /s/ Linda Ryan
Mike Timm, Linda Ryan

The Board of Managers had the BOARD meeting at the Garrison Sewer District Office Thursday May 30, 2019 at 1:30p.m. Board present: Mike Timm, Loren Larson, Duane Jedlicki, Ray Lasher & Dick Huff.

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Timm opened the meeting reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at 1:30 p.m. Others present: Henry Brucker (Attorney), Tim Houle (Engineer), Robin Cowell (Financial Admin.), Linda Ryan (Admin Asst.), Kirk Lenzen (People Service), Mary Riddle (BK & Broadway Pizza) and Paul Christensen (PeopleService).

2. AGENDA: Motion by Jedlicki S/Lasher to approve the agenda with additions: Loren wants to add Garrison Township and the oil depository behind City Hall to Other Business. Motion is unanimous.

3. APPROVE MINUTES: Motion by Huff S/Jedlicki to approve the May 15, 2019 work session minutes as presented. Motion is unanimous.

4. TENTATIVE BOARD SCHEDULE in JUNE- Work session on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. and monthly board meeting THURSDAY, JUNE 27 2019 at 1:30 p.m. These dates are OK with the board.

5 PEOPLESERVICE – Kirk Lenzen – Shared the written report for MAY
• LS 15 malfunctioning – High level on SCADA screen for some reason, going out to check on issue.
• Call out on LS 8 for power fail – pulled generator out.
• White truck into Shannon’s for realignment; steering box is bad.
• AM call out to LS 8 = Boyd Elec & MLEC out to LS 8 trying to figure out where the problem is coming from. Brought generator set to refuel because of the fuel used at LS 8.
• Ran 480 generator set around to ALL main lines; there was a question whether or not they were all wired the same but the 480 generator was good at all ML lift stations. Have 1 – 480 generator and 2 – 240 generators. What happens if you plug one into the wrong slot? After discussion, Chairman Timm wants Kirk to ask the electrician what happens if you plug into wrong slot. Brought same generator in to have bad wheel seal leak fixed.
• Joe Jansen, Rural Waters, is willing to come out with push camera when required to check on I&I.
• Still working on issues at LS 8; starting to act up on all the Alarms. Also, waiting for the report on voltage monitor which MLEC put on at our request.
• Came in this am to all lift stations in Comm. Fail, making phone calls to get some HELP to figure this issue out, along with LS 8 malfunctioning. Boyd Electric came out again to LS 8 as well as Total Control for this issue.
• Problems continuing with LS 8 waited for MLEC to show to install voltage Monitor.
• Pump reads up I&I coming in. No reads for 5 of my Main Lines #’s 2,3,4,6, & 9
• Locating manholes on Linden Street for upcoming cleaning and televising with Nelson Sanitation.
• Goetsch here to pull pump #2 @ LS 4- Not working so they took it to their shop to diagnose, turns out the windings are bad, put in one of our free pumps and it is working fine.
• Nelson Sanitation made it out here at the end of the month and stated jetting and televising Linden Street. Robin shared the book received from Nelson’s with all the detail on Linden/Glen area. The summary sheet lists all of the problem sites. Nelson’s provided the jump drive of televising. “Will watch it later”. Chairman Timm asked Kirk if he is acting on all of them – ‘Yes’. CTimm- what about the comm. fails? Kirk – Total Control’s answer is to wait for the fiber to be installed so all of the radios in synch. Robin talked to the fiber company and their response they are waiting to talk with the City and need to attend a meeting. Loren was told ‘they have to complete one end to the other end where they are terminating before they do any drops’. Robin to call the fiber rep with the City meeting date & time information.
• Goetsch suggested we only need to have a 5HP and 7 ½ HP pump on hand. Kirk to get a price on them.
• The eleven (11) MH’s on Swing Away are leaking in the seams. ESS Brothers have a gasket that can be glued to the manhole; $150 per lid.
• Kirk received the part for LS 8 but it was not the correct one. Need to return and order again from Graybar.
• Will purchase led lightbulbs and new security lights from Menards. Will rent a lift when ready to work on the lights. This was Ok’d by the Board at the March 28, 2019 mtg.
• Kirk checked on B. Welty’s request for Linda and said road construction was required (meaning, need to tear up the road) on all manholes mentioned: 2 on Swing Away, one manhole at Earle Brown Drive and one manhole at South Port & Treasure Cove. Discussion. Whose responsibility is it really? Talk with the Township to see what they can do and jointly share the responsibility!?
o The manhole on Swing Away by LS 4 has been looked at before and will be looked at again to see what changes there have been. The other one on Swing Away can possibly be raised up. EBD and SP/Treasure Cove will be check on and possibly get some bids. Kirk will contact G & L Excavating about the area on Beaver Bend that has caved in.
Tim H. commented how it would be different if we were a city and had responsibility for both manholes and streets. The soil moves up and down and that is just the reality of it. The District’s responsibility is to prioritize which areas get taken care of based upon the yearly budget. There usually is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
• Kirk requesting bids for the 2 manholes leaking on Linden Street. Robin has received one bid from DeChantel and waiting on a bid from Reed.
• R & H Painting has an option for fixing leaking manholes. It comes with a 10 year warranty and the Board reviewed the sample. Kirk to get a price on this material.
• Kirk has not received any responses on getting fill for LS 21- need to get Marv’s number.

INSERT: Mary Riddle from Burger King & Broadway Bar Pizza was present to talk about the meter billing. Robin had contacted her at the time when the monthly meter readings showed a huge increase in usage. 123,000 gallons of water in one month! One source of a “leak” ended up being caused by running toilets in the building. After discussion, the Board agreed they could not help her out with the billing. The District has to pay for treatment.

Robin shared the bid from Anderson Brothers with the Board. Adams’ Street bid is the City of Garrison street project. The bid for the Broadway manhole repair is the Sewer District’s responsibility. Motion by Jedlicki with a second from Huff to accept the Anderson Brothers bid of $5301.97 to repair the manhole located at Broadway and Monroe Street. Motion is unanimous.

6. WSN ENGINEERING – Tim Houle Tim presented the Quote package from 2018 and then the 2019 bid received by Rice Lake Construction; they also had submitted a bid in 2018. The quote includes excavating around the wet well and valve vault which is considered Phase 1 and then phases 2, 3, and 4 are dependent upon what we find and what the fix may be. Phase 5 would be backfilling everything and restoring the site back to the way it was. The 2019 bid for Phase 1 is $19,500 and to put it all back is $29,200. RL Construction listed 3 clarifications with its bid. Tim went over a few items that need to be discussed as it relates to the operation of the lift station while it is not in service. The Board asked him to contact a couple other contractors to see if there is any interest in submitting a bid prior to scheduling RL Construction for the job.

7. LEGAL – HENRY BRUCKER Nothing to report. He has not received any letters this past month. Nothing from Staples. The Board agreed to have Robin start billing the monthly $58.25 since the trailer is still on the property.

8. Robin started off with a new explanation regarding the previous two bid requirement if job is over $1,000. Now, if the job will be over $25,000, not $1000, we need to get two bids. Open market means if we work with the same vendor and they are doing a great job for us and we want to continue using them in the future we are not held to the two bid requirement.
Robin requested approval to pay the loan payment of $25,502.50 which is due in July and due before our board meeting. A Motion by Larson Second by Lasher to approve payment of the $25,502.50 loan payment now. Motion is unanimous.

A. CONSTRUCTION FUND REPORT: – Motion by Jedlicki Second by Lasher to approve the May 2019 construction revenues of $2.81 interest in checking and $392.09 in savings. Motion is unanimous.

The only disbursement today is $2800.16 which is the reimbursement that was approved at the April 25, 2019 board meeting. The check was not written until today’s meeting.

Per the May 2019 disbursement report, the actual reimbursement is $2800.16 because the $75 penalty was not added to the delinquent amount reported in April for parcel 24100000002B889 and parcel 24100000001F009; so an additional $150 was added to reflect the total reimbursement that ended up on his 2017 taxes.

B. OPERATING FUND REPORT: Robin presented the Board with the most recent financial statements ending MAY 30, 2019. M/Larson S/Lasher accepting and approving the MAY 2019 operating fund balance in revenues of $62,472.14 and disbursements of $85,699.95. Motion is unanimous. Some charges that do not show up every month: Nelson Sanitation Linden Street jetting($7332.91)/televising operation (6,193.80), purchase of manhole risers $7503, replaced base elbow, LS15, for $2327, rebuilt pump at $2598.17 and Link to site charge of $552. MAY: SPC receipts: $1532.26 Sales Tax revenue: $12,693.82

Robin has received another NSF from Cindy Strakka; she told Robin she will send in another check and it has not been received prior to the start of this meeting. This is a violation of her contract and she knows what the consequences are.


10. WATERSHED DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE: Ray Lasher – Nothing to report.
 Garrison Township – AB manhole repair bid already discussed above with the paving.
 Oil depository behind City Hall discussion. Mayor Larson thinks the sewer district should take over the maintenance of this because it is on our property. The City has been responsible for this forever. The structure is really in need of major repairs and Chairman Timm wants to know the cost for repairs and maintenance before deciding if the sewer district is going to take responsibility of it because it is on our property. Another question is who will do the necessary duties? Need more information. Crow Wing County placed these oil depositories throughout the county years ago. Tabled at this time.
 WINS Survey question by Linda – one question is do we have an Asset Management Program? Yes we do. It’s just not all in one place. Regular inspections, preventative maintenance, etc.
 Paul Christensen – PS has just purchased a GIS global program that can appear on any mobile device the tech’s have. Example: If tech is checking on a sewer lateral inspection and checking for I&I the tech can use the APP, posting that I was here on this date and this is what I did, etc. The benefit of this GIS program is to start tracking and, thus, maintaining history of procedures done at each point along the system and then a report can be generated.
 The current County GIS system the SD uses is good for locates. Paul is working with Robin
to find out how to get sewer system information transferred from the County GIS program.
Initially, WSN worked with the counties to get our pipes and other sewer information into their
GIS system.
 CTimm: What happens if SD goes with another company where does that leave us? Paul: Actually, cannot answer the question at this time. It is legitimate question. Tim explained the WSN approach in their GIS. PS will contact the Counties to see what they can do for him. PeopleService can possibly get some information from WSN. Tim said he can help if the Board wants him to do so.
 Paul thanked Total Control for all of the work they have done even though the work is not yet completed. C Timm feels the work has fallen short because the system is still not working. Paul: Initially, TC programmed the brains at the boxes at the lift stations. The radio side was not included in the first project. The issues with the radios/SCADA are the next step to work towards fixing Comm. Fails.
 The inventory of supplies/material found in the garage is in progress.
 Discussion about communication issues cannot go forward until we get fiber. True or not?

Good & Welfare: The Brandts’ are in assisted Living.

13. ADJOURN: M/Larson S/lasher to adjourn the meeting. Motion is unanimous. (3:30 p.m.)

Board approved meeting minutes on: JUNE 12, 2019

The Board of Managers work session meeting convened at 9:00 a.m. WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2019 at the Garrison Sewer District Office. Board present: Mike Timm, Loren Larson, Ray Lasher and Dick Huff. ABSENT: DUANE JEDLICKI.

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Mike Timm opened the meeting reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at 9:00 a.m. Others present: Henry Brucker (Legal Counsel), Robin Cowell (Financial Administrator), Linda Ryan (Admin Asst.) & Jon Miller (City of Garrison) Kirk Lenzen (PeopleService) came in at 9:12 a.m.

2. AGENDA: Motion to approve the agenda with changes. Loren wants to discuss the manhole down at Monroe & Broadway. M/S/C Lasher/Huff.

3. APPROVE MINUTES: Motion to approve the April 25, 2019 board minutes as presented. M/S /C Lasher/Huff.

4. PEOPLESERVICE: Kirk Lenzen –. Skipped and went to item #5.
• Kirk had to drop off the red truck for bearings. Getting ready to start mowing.
• All of Linden Street has been cleaned by Nelson Sanitation. No leaks were found during the cleaning. But there are 2 manholes that need to be fixed on Linden Street ….. Board wants him to get on it! Kirk called John Benson to come out. Robin will look up to see who worked the job on Glen Drive a few years back. Kirk asked who should be contacted to do the work. Robin is giving him a copy of the approved contractors for the District.
• Not sure when Nelson’s will be back to finish jetting/televising Maple Ridge Road and do Allen Road.
• The voltage problem at LS 8 has not been a problem for a while. MLEC must have done something to correct the issue.
• Discussion regarding the different size pumps used; we have one spare for the 3 ½ HP pump; no spares for 5 HP, 10 HP and 15 HP. Motion by Huff, second by Lasher to allow Kirk to have one spare pump in each HP category. Motion is unanimous.
• Per Goetsch, waiting on parts to rebuild a 5 HP pump. Note: After the meeting, the rebuilt pump was ready to be picked up.
• Kirk to contact Marv to deliver fill to put in around LS21.
• Action item from last meeting = the area around LS 21 is sinking; located on Chesley Court, channel side. Needs to be addressed. Only 1 pump working-. CORRECTION: Only 1 pump working IS AT
LS 15 NOT LS 21

5. LEGAL – Henry Brucker – Received another package from W. Kowalski. It is unanimous that a response is no longer required.

• 2019/2020 DEBATING LEGACY FUND BILL PER SONDRA ERICKSON – Email received from Tina Chapman regarding this as a possible source for future funding. This bill provides over $300 million for clean water. Apply for grants! We need a good grant writer. How can we benefit? Possibly grant money for extension of the infrastructure, i.e. Southport for one. Loren said there will be a meeting with Sondra Erickson on Tuesday, June 4th in Isle. This meeting will share more specifics as to what is available. All applications need to be submitted by September 2019.
• ALSO, Trump and Pelosi are pursuing a $2 Trillion Infrastructure deal with a focus on roads, water, bridges, highways, the power grid and broadband internet expansion.
• Robin has talked to the broadband contact and he said the banks and clinics, in Garrison, are connected.
MANHOLE ON MONROE & BROADWAY: Jon Miller has a bill from Anderson Bros for all of the streets in Garrison plus the cost for the manhole that needs to be fixed. Jon will have Anderson Bros break out the cost just for the manhole. The sewer district is responsible for a minimum 20’ by 20’ area around the manhole in question to return it to proper elevation. Is it possible to add insulation to the bottom of the MH since it is so shallow? Jon will have AB provide the breakdown of the costs to show the sewer district what their portion will be.
• Dick Huff made a Motion to approve the replacement of check #2442, which was misplaced, in the amount of $235.03 to Mike Timm. Second the motion by Ray Lasher. Motion is unanimous.
• The February bill from MLWW was paid minus the $65.30 and Robin has been contacted for payment. The question was about the charge of $65.30 for 25% of the cost of their health and dental expense. We have always paid this in the past. Therefore it was agreed by the Board to have Robin include this amount, $65.30, with the next billing.
• The reimbursement to Bucky Weitnauer will be taken from Construction checking account which has no restrictions on specific category spending.
• Jon Miller returned and asked the Board if he should have Anderson Bros schedule the MH project. Our statutes’ require getting 2 bids for jobs over $1000. Waiting on the bid from Anderson Bros.; the Board would like to know the cost prior to agreeing to the job.
• Action Lists: Should this task continue or not? Yes, continue with action lists and they will become part of the meeting discussion.

7. ADJOURNMENT – Motion made by Huff with a second from Larson to adjourn the meeting at 09:50 a.m. Motion Unanimous.



/s/ Mike TIMM /s/ Linda Ryan
Mike Timm, Linda Ryan

The Board of Managers work session meeting convened at 9:00 a.m. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2019 at the Garrison Sewer District Office. Board present: Mike Timm, Loren Larson, Duane Jedlicki, Ray Lasher and
Dick Huff.

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Mike Timm opened the meeting reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at 9:00 a.m. Others present: Henry Brucker (Legal Counsel), Robin Cowell (Financial Administrator), Linda Ryan (Admin Asst.), Kirk Lenzen (PeopleService), Ryan Quade & Ian Colville (CCM Finance).

2. AGENDA: Motion to approve the agenda as presented. M/S/C Jedlicki/Huff.
3. APPROVE MINUTES: Motion to approve the March 28, 2019 board minutes as presented.
M/S /C Larson/Lasher.

4. PEOPLESERVICE: Kirk Lenzen – Contacted the Little Falls group to check on renting the push camera so he can check for I & I in the line behind St. Albans Bay area. Their response was they do not have the camera. Well, they do have a camera but it is not the “push” type. It is transported in a contained trailer back and forth. The recommendation is to try to get the Little Falls camera but if it cannot be picked up right away, need to contact Nelson’s. If it is I & I, need to get to it.
• Nelson Sanitation will start televising April 29th, on Linden Street/Glen Dr. Linden Street is approximately 10,300 feet. They will then move to Allen Road and Kirk will compile the footage numbers there prior to the start date.
• Kirk checked on lift rentals: $300 Home Depot, $85 General Rental for 24 hours. Loren mentioned the fire department just changed out lights and Kirk should check with Bruce on their purchase; light bulbs have become more energy efficient. A bid was requested from electrician last March but never received it. There are 3 lights and probably could replace them rather than repair.
• There are 45 manholes on Linden/Glen. Kirk discussed ordering enough riser rings to raise up the manholes; Motion made by Huff with a second by Lasher to approve an order of 40 metal riser rings in varying sizes between 1” and 3”. Motion unanimous. Probably won’t know what size and how many until will be required at each MH until the cover comes off. Cost is up to $200 each.
• Lift station 9 problem – stopped working due to no power. MLEC checked their source and it was ok. Boyd came out and he could not find anything wrong. It is working now.
• Still having radio issues with lift stations, 2, 3, 4. Supposed to have a plan from Total Control by now.

• Ryan, property owner in District, was talking with Robin and the idea about cash management came up so this presentation was scheduled; real estate interest gains up to 10% possible. Guidelines that need to be followed are with the accountant; which funds can be used. Probably need to be discussed with auditors. Construction Savings is totally restricted to anything but paying off debt. The money market is a good account to use for investment purposes.
• Presentation – Lending Fund (real estate) which is the fund to be used if the District decides to invest with them. This fund has 11 million of equity.
o For the first year the dollars are locked – dollars not accessible unless there is a hardship, Ian can issue a waiver on the hardship. After the first year, you can ask for your money every quarter.
o Minimum investment amount is $25,000.
o Summary of points of why it would be interesting to invest in real estate.
o Robin will contact Mary Reedy to get her feedback on this investment plan. ADD TO NEXT MEETING.
6. MLWW BILLING – discussion regarding the District/MLWW contract. When is renewal? (Looked up after the meeting; “The Agreement shall be effective on the Effective Date and shall continue in force for thirty (30) years unless terminated as set forth herein”. “Thereafter, this Agreement shall be automatically renewed for an additional terms often ten (10) years each unless terminated by District ……….etc.) Robin will provide the requested documents to Loren; billing does not seem to line up with our flows. Need to find out how and what the billing is based upon? Are they using total flows vs. District flows? ADD TO NEXT MEETING.

7. LEGAL – Henry Brucker – Robin referred W. Kowalski’s latest question to Henry. Per Henry, W. Kowalski has seen the answers to her latest question in all of the previous letters and documents we have sent to her. In a letter sent September 2018, 3 statutes were cited telling her about authorities and powers the Sanitary District
operate under.

8. OTHER – # Linda asked if there should be some kind of follow up to Roxanne Staples; i.e. like a letter to
remind her of the motion made November 14, 2018 stating she has to remove her trailer off of property 671040140000009 (67260539) if she is not going to connect. Henry will write the follow up letter.
• Sandy Smith property along Marina Way; 09-521-0060. Call from Laurie S., Sandilands Realty: She has a person interested in above parcel and wants to know all that is involved regarding sewer costs. After discussion, Linda will find out what is currently being charged to parcel 09-521-0060. Let Laurie know the basic connection/monthly charges and based upon what the possible new owner does, there could be other charges.
• After more discussion about what Joe Wentzell decides to do and what he has paid to date, it was decided by the District Board to assess the SAC charge now for the remaining mobile home on the property. He has already received two letters regarding this issue. Robin will assess property 24100000001W009 (24130776) now.
• Linda wanted verification regarding who can access private property to check on what is going into the sewer that should not be. According to Ordinance 12, ART X, Section 1 “If it becomes necessary to enter any residential property for the purpose of inspection, observation, measurement, sampling and testing pertinent to the discharge to the District sewer system……………. Representative shall first seek permission to enter from the property owner”. “The property owner shall have the choice of admitting the District’s representative, or of selecting another qualified person to do the inspection, which is mutually acceptable to the District and the property owners”.
• Discussion regarding the presentation today, OUR money market has $2,230,689.97. $260,000 in checking account. NEXT MEETING: talk about another transfer from checking into the money market fund. Today, the General consensus is to use $100,000 for new investment with CCM. Another question to ask is about processing fees.

9. ADJOURNMENT – Motion made by Huff with a second from Larson to adjourn the meeting at 10.20 a.m. Motion Unanimous.


Mike Timm Linda Ryan
Mike Timm, Linda Ryan